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Brunching in Chicago

I recently enjoyed a quick weekend in Chicago.  The Windy City is one of my favorite places to visit, it is a great walking town, and the restaurants are amazing.  Previously I shared one of my dinner experiences at Table Fifty-Two, take a look.

This trip, however, focused on brunching in Chicago even more than usual.  Chicago is a serious brunch town and all residents take brunch very seriously.

The first brunch stop started with Bongo Room


One of their meat free options was a croissant breakfast sandwich, with various veggies egg and avocado. The home fries are excellent as well

IMG_2008The Meyer lemon blueberry pancakes were amazing, and don’t judge me, but I ate every bit of those pancakes too.

We even did brunch at the famous Lou Malnati’s, I know this isn’t known as a brunch location, but it was our first meal of the day so it was brunch to us.


We started with the Stuffed Spinach Bread.  It came out with the cheese oozing

IMG_2097 IMG_2100

And once we sliced it…

And finally, the pizza.  We just had a cheese pie, but don’t try to eat more than to slices of this world famous deep dish pizza.
The final go to brunch spot is a no frills real deal brunch location, I mean brunch hours and all.  Sweet Maple Cafe, is no fuss, no gimmicks just true and delicious food.  The pancakes are great, with quality ingredients and attentive service.  The Sweet Milk Biscuits, can not be denied, they didn’t even make the photos, they are so good.  Sweet Maple serves grits the right way as well, creamy and seasoned perfectly.   Take a trip to Chicago, but bring your appetite… and some tupperware.



Sweet Maple Cafe’s deliciously fluffy pancakes


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