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Cafe Tallulah is Paris in New York

My friends and I recently played tourist through New York City, and we stumbled upon a great eatery for brunch called, Cafe Tallulah, click here to view the restaurant website.  This place made me think I was playing tourist in Paris.  We ate in the dining room area on the ground floor, but I look forward to going back to enjoy drinks and the cocktail lounge downstairs.  Walking downstairs was as if you were stepping back in time, with the antiques, and velvet curtains.

What We Ordered

Le Burger with Pommes Frites

Croque Madame

Tallulah Pancake

Frisee Salad

Le Burger

A perfectly cooked medium rare burger, hit the spot, after walking the city all day, and the fries were perfect.

Croque Madame

The Croque Madame was so tasty, the creamy bechamel and the runny egg over the crispy bread was perfect.  I will definitely try to duplicate this recipe for my next house guests, because making this a staple item in my kitchen will not be a good thing for my health. 

The pancakes were the thickest fluffiest pancakes I have ever seen.  These things were like an inch thick.

Frisee salad

The salad was perfectly dressed and the lardons of bacon were plentiful.

I feel silly talking about a salad, burger, and grilled cheese as if it is was the best thing served in New York City.  However, my friends and I throughly enjoyed every morsel of this spread.

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