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Chai Cheesecake

Can I tell you, I have found the best cheesecake recipe? I was looking for a holiday dessert and stumbled upon this Chai Cheesecake. I have found that sometimes I try recipes for the pure enjoyment of seeing if it really tastes like what it is flavored as. This cheesecake is a smooth, cool, solid form of chai tea. The crust has candied ginger in

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it, which gives the cheesecake a really nice surprise. The full recipe can be found on the Epicurious site.

The butter of course make the cruse delicious, but the ginger makes it special

I was too lazy to roll out the dough so I simply pressed it into the spring form pan and poked it with a fork several times.When I make it again I will pull the crust out a little earlier.

When you make the filling, do your best to avoid tasting, you may not have enough for the cheesecake. img_3071

The secret to no cracks in the top of your cheesecake is the water bath. Place the pan on top of foil, and form the foil around it, then put the pan inside a larger pan. Once the spring form pan is placed in the larger pan, fill the larger pan with water until at least an inch of water is covering the side of the springform pan.

Another special treat for this cheesecake is the topping, or top layer. It is simply sour cream sugar and vanilla. who knew you could bake sour cream as a topping. I think the finished product turned out very well. My coworkers loved the texture and the ginger surprise. If you want to impress some people including yourself, this is an awesome recipe to try. I think next time I will make some caramel to drizzle on top.


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