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Cozy Comforting Winter Chicken Meal

Chicken is one of the most versatile proteins. After moving to the south, I thought that I was past the chilly weather. Well, this year it appears that everyone is getting a taste of the cold weather. One chilly day after work I stopped at sildenafil the grocery store, and searched for something sildenafil dosage to inspire a cozy comforting meal. I came sildenafilviagra-rxstore up with a whole chicken roasted with comforting canadian online pharmacy root vegetables and mushrooms, and why not a little cialis and viagra difference bit of white wine.


IMG_0312IMG_0313 IMG_0304After browning a whole chicken, seasoned with salt and pepper…


I sautéed onion, celery, and carrots with rosemary and thyme. I added a cup of white wine and then put the chicken back into the pot with my root vegetables, covered and roasted for about an hour.

IMG_0314 This meal was so simple, but it came together like a restaurant quality meal. This would be a great Sunday dinner. difference in viagra and cialis

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