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Darius Cooks Vanilla Buttermilk Cake

Let me just tell you, I am a fan of Darius Cooks.  His food is delectable, simple, and approachable.  If you are not familiar with his talent, you will soon learn more about him.

banana cake Darius Cooks Vanilla Buttermilk CakeI have never believed that I was much of a baker, but after watching Darius Cooks whip up a vanilla cake in minutes and toss it in the oven, I had to give it a try.  After the first successful attempt at Darius Cooks Vanilla Cake from his cookbook Stories From My Grandmothers Kitchen, I decided to repeat the recipe, but this time I added bananas and warm fall spices (cinnamon and nutmeg).  I topped the cake with cream cheese frosting and blended the warm spices in it as well.  I love that Darius’ recipe can be transformed in so many ways.  I think next time I will try to take it a different direction and add citrus, or apple, or even pumpkin for the fall season.  banana, cake, cinnamon, cream cheese frosting, Darius Cooks, dessert, Stories From My Grandmother’s Kitchen, vanilla

I am slowly working my way thru some of Darius Cooks recipes, and I say slowly because everything in his cook book looks so delicious, and the way my self control is setup, the daily workouts would be a serious struggle.  I just made the Butter Pecan Cornbread, two weeks ago and since then have made it 3 more times.  Other amazing recipes that you will find in Stories From My Grandmother’s Kitchen are Darius’ Ultimate Baked Mac and Cheese, and Cornmeal Crusted Pork Chops.  The food in this cookbook will absolutely be a crowd pleaser.  And for more amazing sweet delights and tasty savory options head over to dariuscooks.tv, where Darius has started showcasing other amazing culinary tasty creations.


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  • Foodieengineer,
    Taking food ideas and making it your own will become your signature calling card. With DuPont you combined mathematics, science and technology to produce creative solutions to real world problems.

    Now you will be taking that same mechanical process into your cooking by using different flavors, aromas, spices, and combing them in a way that each one highlights and balances the taste of the other and presents a savory finished product.

    You have to really playoff your engineering background, because it makes you sooo unique and it brings a different skill set to the table from any chefs out there.

    I cant wait to start trying the recipes from your new cookbook “Engineering a True Visual Feast for the Pallet” by Foodieenginner

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