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Dining with Darius Cooks

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending an awesome event. A very talented and successful self made and trained chef by the name of Darius Williams, but better known as Darius Cooks, hosted one of his nearly 50 dinners that he has scheduled around the country this year in Jacksonville FL. The dinner is a 7 course meal served family style, and leaves you full, and satisfied. I would describe Darius’ food in 2 words, simple and special. Everything that you would have at a Dining With Darius Cooks event are very simple at first glance. But once he comes to explain each course you realize that each course in fact is “something special”, although he describes it as “nothing special”. An example is even the Greek salad. At first glance it is very simple, until he explains that amongst several things the salad has a home made lemon vinaigrette, bacon, mint leaves, and croutons made from Hawaiian Rolls.

One of the later courses of the dinner was a chicken and rice dish. We were again pleasantly surprised with all of the flavors that made the chicken and rice completely flavorful, and utterly unexpected. I mean Cajun flavors for day.

Without ruining the experience for the rest of the Darius Cooks fans, also known as the #Dhive, I won’t share the details of the rest of the courses, but suffice it to say, this dining experience is well worth it. Darius is one of the most personable and relaxed cooks in the kitchen, and there is nothing

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like watching someone follow their passion in living color.

Darius has a goal of continuing the growth of his passion by pursuing opening restaurants, and I look forward to supporting him in this endeavor as well. If you are not familiar with Darius Williams, I strongly encourage you to follow him on his website DariusCooks.com and get hooked on his food by following him on instagram.

Thank you Darius for being just as warm and funny as you are on social media, the dining experience was great, and I enjoyed every morsel.

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