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Husk Nashville

I recently had one of the best dining experiences on a trip to Nashville Tennessee.  I had such a good time, that I stayed until 9:00PM after arriving at a seat at the bar at 5:30PM.  I will most certainly be doing more dining at the bar when I am solo dining again.

I knew that Husk was booked for the entire evening, so I walked over as early as possible on the chance that I could get a seat at the bar.  Thankfully the bar was empty, so I took a seat and Kenneth (the bartender) introduced himself and the adventure began.

Husk salad

I started with an arugula salad with fire roasted gourds, aged gouda, and benne (which I just found out, is a fancy word for sesame seeds, who knew?)


Husk pig ear slidersHusk Nashville Slider

IMG_2396 (1)

I finished my meal off with a delicious Cinnamon Creme Brulee with Yeast Ice Cream, I know I hadn’t ever heard of it either, and it really tasted like yeast, like an ice cream roll.

The bar was such a great time, I ended up ordering a glass of wine and sampling other items from friends that I made at the bar.  If I ever were to move to Nashville, this would absolutely be my neighborhood spot.  Husk was a great spot for after work craft cocktails and very creative but approachable food.



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