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Italian Chicken

A video popped up online a while back that was an easy Italian flavored chicken dish.  I am always looking for healthy recipes that I can add to the mix of all of my go to recipes.  In order to allow myself the pesto that has parmesan cheese, I swapped out the typical basil and used spinach, basil and lots of kale instead, plus I added less olive oil to create a paste with garlic cloves and pine nuts, and seasoned with salt and pepper.   A typical pesto is thinner and is made with basil. garlic cloves, pine nuts and olive oil.  When I make this recipe again, I will cut into the breast to allow the pesto to season more of the chicken.  Also don’t forget to season the chicken before doing anything.  Yup, my bad, I got in a rush and missed a salting opportunity.  Don’t let that happen to you.

Italian Chicken with Kale PestoItalian chicken with pesto and tomatoJust top the pesto with slices of tomatoes and season again.
One Pan Italian ChickenThis dish is great for the family and if you already have the pesto, it is a fairly quick and tasty entree.  I served mine with “zoodles” aka #spiralized zucchini.  It was so tasty I don’t have a complete photo…whoops.  Enjoy.

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