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StarChefs International Congress

The other night I experienced an evening that reminded me of how exciting it is to be around great food, amazing drinks and others that love the food industry.

The Star Chefs Congress theme this year was Cook Your Culture. This annual 3 day conference is packed with full days of demos, workshops and tastings.

The demo that I was able to sit in on was “This is How We Doughnut”, hosted by chef Richard Blais, with chef Wylie Dufresne of Du’s Donuts & Coffee in Brooklyn NY, Alex Talbot of Curiosity Doughnuts in Stockton NJ, and Clare Gordon of General Porpoise in Seattle WA.

I was very excited when many of the doughnuts that the chefs make at their shops were dispersed throughout the audience. The first bite was a delicious fall inspired doughnut. I learned that these 3 chefs favor canola oil and rice bran oil. I wager to guess that many people are unfamiliar with rice bran oil. Well I had never heard of it. Rice bran oil, of course has a high smoke point (450 deg F), and it is made from the outer part of the rice husk, and a lot of people are using it because it is non GMO… who knew?

Products and Bites

There were all sorts of cooking equipment companies and food companies represented with food made from their products, or of their products.

The Rational cooking unit was so cool, definitely for the enginerds like me.  This unit steams, roasts, bakes, and warms.  The chef slow roasted a tasty bite in what appeared to be banana leaves, and it was pull apart tender.  They pretty much described this unit as a smart oven.  It can be set and started remotely.  After the chef’s desired results are entered. the unit sets the appropriate temperature and time. I can not give this Rational product line justice in this post, but take a look at their site, you will be impressed.

Marra ForniSpeedy Romeo


The Marra Forni oven was represented with very tasty pizza made by the fine folks of New York’s own Speedy Romeo.


The Mushroom Council had a popular booth with a slider made with a blend of 50% Cremini mushroom, and the other 50% was a mix of pork and beef.

Dy Cured Smoked Ham




One of the simplest, tastiest treats that I had was a delicious cheese display.  The speck from Alto Adige was so tasty, I admit, I went back for thirds.

The StarChef International Congress, is most certainly something that I will be back to revisit, and become more involved in. Follow my Instagram for more of what was at this awesome event.

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