Ok, here is the background. I am a mechanical engineer for a big corporation. Although I enjoy my job, my dream career is in the culinary world, so as soon as I have a spare moment, I read about, or explore new restaurants and recipes.

I have been living on my own away from my hometown in Michigan since 2002. Since 2002, I have lived in Oklahoma, Delaware, and now New Jersey. Living in these different states has given me the opportunity to eat at all sorts of restaurants in Oklahoma, Texas, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and New York.

Moving from Oklahoma to Delaware and now New Jersey, the cost of living has given me quite a challenge, and forced me into the kitchen, so I have been honing my skills on the grill this summer, and in the kitchen as well.

I hope to share with you the great restaurants to visit throughout the country, and even around the world.

I like to share what I learn with others, and hope that you will learn and enjoy food along with me as I share with you in my blog.

Foodie Engineer