Aww Shoot Rajpoot,

During my day job we rarely go to lunch, (I don’t know if you have noticed the gas prices….needless o say I pack a lunch) and the only place we go is a small Indian restaurant in Parlin, NJ, called Rajpoot. Being a very inexperienced Indian cuisine foodie, I look to my co-workers to guide me through the experience. I must say the guides were correct in selecting this small establishment. Rajpoot has a lunch buffet that is not so overwhelming that you don’t know where to start, and not so small that you leave hungry, and unsatisfied. If I had to pick my top choices at Rajpoot, it would be the Tandoori Chicken, Chickentikka Masala, Chicken Masala is a chicken dish, grilled in the tandoor and reduced with onion, green peppers and creamy tomato sauce garnished fresh coriander, and the carb addict in me has to love the Naan bread. The bread always comes out to the table fresh and crisp. Eating at Rajpoot has given me motivation to go to other Indian restaurants, (Hoysala chat coming soon).

I would like to encourage the un adventurous foodies to step outside your comfort zone of Applebee’s, Chili’s, Olive Garden, and Qdoba (although I love my grilled chicken burrito), and try your local Rajpoot, or what ever the name of your great indian restaurant.

This blog was posted because I am due for a visit to Rajpoot….overdue infact : )
Foodie Engineer