Isn’t it funny when you think that you will not find a simply divine meal, you stumble upon one without even looking.

I am concluding my stint on the Gulf Coast, and wouldn’t you know we decide to take a long lunch, and the locals led me to a little “bistro” called The Old Cuevas Bistro. This little gem is hidden in a little white house off the beaten path just miles from the beach in the Pineville Community in Pass Christian, Mississippi. Though damaged in Katrina the restaurant reopened in 2007, and reclaimed its home in the old post office and trading post. The building has such character, you can only expect that the food that comes out of the kitchen is nothing but superb.

I happened to visit the local restaurant last week for the first time, and ordered the blue chip encrusted chicken, though it didn’t wow me, I did enjoy it, It came topped with melted cheddar cheese, sour cream and fresh salsa, with a side of saffron rice. Today I went back and tried the Philly Cheese steak on ciabatta. This sandwich was nothing like the real thing but it was a gourmet version of the sandwich. The meat was cooked perfectly, with mushrooms just enough provolone cheese, and grilled onions. Oh, and instead of fries, the sandwich came with home made potato chips, that were amazing. I know they were just potato chips but, they were delicious, slightly thicker than your average chip but cooked to the perfect crispness. Well, with my time limited now, I decided to get another item that I was torn between, the first time I visited the bistro, and this time, so I ordered the Granny Smith Salad to go. This amazing salad, had slices of crisp granny smith apples, walnuts, blue cheese, red onion, all on a bed of baby spinach. The dressing that comes with the salad is a homemade maple vinaigrette. I think this was the best salad that I have ever had. I am aware, it is just a salad, but man, it was my dinner today. And after a 2 mile run, that salad was right on time, only wish I bought 2 salads.

If you are ever in south Mississippi, and staying at the Beau Rivage, Hard Rock, Island View Casino where one of Emeril’s restaurants is, make sure that you take a special quick trip over to Old Cuevas Bistro. Two words, “sophisticated” and “casual”, it describes the food and the ambiance.

Taste big, and dream bigger : )