In focused preparation mode for my half marathon, I am getting my eating habits in check as well. I watched the new television show on Lifetime “Cook Yourself Thin”. The television show is hosted by 3 women that share recipes with an overweight woman that has lost her way in the kitchen, and is not making the appropriate choices in her everyday eating. The 3 women, select 3 of the favorite foods that are high in fat and calories, and give the overweight woman the 3 equivalent alternative that literally cut their caloric intake by at least half in a day.

Yesterday I decided to go grocery shopping with a “Cook Yourself Thin” mindset. So after my morning run, I prepared a breakfast of Stuffed French Toast Sundaes.

The recipe was so simple, it began by mixing an egg and an egg white, cinnamon, a teaspoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of skim milk. The next step was to dip 4 slices of crust-less wholewheat bread into the egg and milk mixture. And finally you line cupcake tins with the four slices of bread. After cooking the toast in the oven for 12min at 375 degrees, you top the toasted cups with ricotta cheese and fresh berries. The recipe was so easy but it was twice as delicious. I served it topped with maple syrup, 2 sundaes for just 353 calories. YUM!!

I suggest you visit the site and see if you can “Cook Yourself Thin”

Taste big, and dream bigger : )