Let’s talk about stepping out of your comfort zone. A friend of mine was celebrating his birthday and decided to be a bit different, and celebrate at a somewhat authentic biergarten……. in Brooklyn. I know, I know, I wasn’t too sure about that myself but, when I we pulled up, we only had to park, not even a block away. And when we walked up it was just as noisy and exciting as I remember the biergartens in Munich. As you walk in it is somewhat dark with heavy wooden tables and benches set up through the beer hall. We immediately found our party and decided to order right away. Me not being a beer fan I stuck with the water as the responsible Designated Driver that I am. But they have a very extensive beer list as well as an impressive wine list. I was not surprised that they had heifer weisen, Pilsner, and Kolsch that is a popular beer that all of my friends loved in Germany.

I decided to order a fairly healthy meal of Chicken Breast w/ Couscous & Goat Cheese Stuffing, served w/ Spaghetti Squash, Swiss Chard & Green Beans. This was a great choice, it was not the typical heavy German fair. The chicken was perfectly cooked, very moist and had just enough stuffing. The chicken was also covered with a delicious sauce that seemed to be the pan jus with other flavors. The spaghetti squash was magnificent, you know it is easy to over cook spaghetti squash, but this was seasoned wonderfully and cooked to perfection. I was able to sample the Bratwurst, and sauerkraut. The sauerkraut was flavored nicely with some extra spices, that gave it some excitement. I was also able to sample the turkey burger which was certainly fresh and moist, and thick, I mean hard to take a bite thick, but of course no complaints from me. Finally we ordered the Angus Hanger Steak Salad w/Arugula, Watercress, Roasted Beets, Haricot Verts, Grape Tomatoes, and Balsamic Vinaigrette. Unfortunately, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs so I will have to eat that the day after, but it was plated beautifully, and I know would have been delicious fresh. I would certainly tell people to visit this restaurant/experience, the beer flows until 4am, and the food until 2:00am for the grill and 11:00pm for regular entrees. Until next time.

Taste big, and dream bigger : )