I just returned from an awesome vacation on the left coast, west coast, if you are confused. We traveled to LA for a wedding, but decided to spend a couple days in Vegas as well. Now whenever I travel I spend countless hours deciding where I might eat on my travels. This trip was no different.

The first stop that we made was a pretty well know spot away from the strip. Hash House A Go Go was amazing. The eatery is well known for their over sized food, and breakfast hash. We decided to order the roasted chicken hash. Like all of the other hashes it is tossed with crispy potatoes and topped with 2 eggs and is accompanied with 1 HUGE biscuit, but this hash has roasted chicken breast meat, garlic, onions asparagus and rosemary. It tasted so fresh and the chicken was moist and full of flavor. The biscuit was no afterthought either. Each table had what I think was a fresh strawberry rhubarb preserve to top your biscuit with.

Finally, we also ordered the over sized brown sugar banana flap jacks. These cakes were crunchy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside. I wish I had a picture but we were so hungry, it was too late, all the more reason for you to go see it for yourself.
I had one other magical culinary stop in Los Angeles that I will share with you shortly. Until then,

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