Happy Holidays to everyone, I had an awesome time back in the midwest for the past several days. My trip started out in Michigan where I was born and raised. I was able to do the usual, eat great food with the family that was made from recipes that have been in the family for generations. We prepared quite a spread, including the usual suspects, like turkey, collard greens, green beans, macaroni and cheese, ham, dressing, homemade rolls, and cranberry sauce. The one thing that is less traditional on our Christmas dinner table is curry goat and rice and peas, these are the dishes in homage to my west indian heritage (dad’s from Antigua). After the home cooked food of Christmas Day, my foodie family decided to take part in exploring some of the great food experiences that the Motor City has to offer.

We decided to visit Slows Bar-B-Q in Detroit, MI. After seeing the eatery on several tv shows, with a sense of pride I decided I would absolutely love to support this metropolitan Detroit business. So on a Tuesday afternoon we traveled to downtown Detroit to experience the Slows Bar-B-Q hoopla.

After deciding to try several different selections from the menu. We started with the catfish appetizer, and that was delicious, perfect crisp and flavor. One of the best meat selections that we tried was the beef brisket. The brisket was very moist, and you could see the red smoke ring. The other meat that we tried was the St. Louis baby back ribs, these were decent, but just not as tender as I would have liked, I enjoy rib meat that falls off the bone and it just didn’t do that, and it was a bit salty. The chili had a very strong beer flavor, that I just didn’t really enjoy. And finally we also tried the mac-n-cheese, which was decent, but, nothing to write home about. We ended the meal with the banana pudding that was very yummy, and the peach raspberry cobbler, I would have expected that to be a very high point of the meal, however, I was let down, there seemed to be more raspberry than peaches. Let me end this by just saying that Slows had a 90 minute wait when we arrived at 2:00 PM so apparently several people enjoy Slows Bar-B-Q a great deal, and I don’t want to write them off after my first experience. I will return to Slows to try out the pulled pork sandwich, because the house bbq sauces were so delicious. The best sauce is the apple bbq sauce. I encourage you to try Slows when you visit Detroit, and judge the food for yourself.

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