I just returned from all of my holiday travels.  After the New Year I traveled to Florida to run a half marathon, and recovered in Port St. Lucie and a quick cruise to the Bahamas.  The trip details and a few other posts from the holiday are coming soon.

I just wanted to make sure I posted about my new plan to take back by my health.  Although I trained for a half marathon, I didn’t stay focused on my nutrition.

Let me start with a bit of history.  Throughout high school I played basketball volleyball and golf.  When college came, I luckily was walking the campus enough to pretty much avoid the freshman 15…pretty much.  Besides I was working out  bit in high school.  When I moved away from home to Oklahoma for a job, the depression set in and I discovered great southern cuisine (ribs, chicken fried, deep fried, fried veggies, greasy goodness).  If you are ever in Ada, Oklahoma, you must visit B0b’s BBQ.  There I go with my mind on food.  To combat the massive weight gain that I had in Oklahoma, when I was reassigned to a job in NJ, I decided to focus on me and lost all of that wait and more.  Needless to say my focus was shaken, and I am back to get refocused.

So here is what I have planned, and I think that others will want to do the same if you find yourself in the same situation I recognized that I was in.

I have created a plan of accountability for myself and the plan includes a team.  We are meeting on conference call every Wednesday, since the team members are all over the country.  The team will talk about the challenges we face in the week, and the progress we are making.  So we send our food logs to each other as well as our weekly weight tracker and exercise activity.  We have only met once, but I am so excited about the successes that we will celebrate together.

The plan that I am on is the Jackie Warner book, This is Why You’re Fat

I chose this plan because it won’t deprive you of your favorites, but at the same time it is strict enough that you know exactly what to do.  It promotes clean eating, and making sure that you are getting all of the supplements that your body needs for healthy living and weight loss.  So this is not the end of the food posts and restaurant posts, it is a new beginning.  I will be visiting restaurants still, and eating great food, but limiting those outings to fit my plan (2 treat meals a week).

Wish me luck…its a journey

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