Bringing in the new year this year, I wanted to have dinner at a restaurant that I was guaranteed to not be disappointed.  And since I spent the holiday in Chicago, I knew there was only one place I wanted to try.  Chef Art Smith’s Table Fifty-Two was one of my most favorite culinary experiences.

The staff was super nice and attentive. The first thing that was brought to the table while we looked at the menu was a treat from the chef.  The waiter brought us the creamiest, most delicate deviled eggs I have ever had.  I knew this dinner was gonna be out of this world. Everyone that knows me, know that I love bread, and that was the next thing that was brought to the table.

The house goat cheese biscuit that is served to every table was yummy.  There was  cheese in every bite and it is served piping hot.

Of course we ordered appetizers, I mean you only live once, and the meal was free, I know crazy right, but that is an entire other story. As an appetizer we had a risotto with black eyed peas and barley.  That was very different but wonderful.

But the best part of the night of course was the entree and dessert. I chose the catfish and collards with a side of 3-cheese mac.

I mean Art Smith is country and I wanted some country elegance in my Table Fifty-Two experience.  And you can’t have fried catfish without the 3-cheese mac. The other entree we ordered was the lamb duo. This entree came with an herb encrusted lamb chop finished with a cherry reduction  and a lamb pot pie, can you say 2 meals in one.

And to close out the meal the Strawberry Tres Leche Cake, it took me a little while to finish it, (this went home with me).

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