After a quick trip to Long Island to visit my wonderful family, my friend and I decided to take advantage of being in the city on a beautiful evening.  Since she is a vegetarian, and we are working on getting summer ready… if you know what I mean.

At the suggestion of my veggie friend, we drove around for what seemed like forever to get a free parking space, to finally arrive at Cafe Blossom.

Cafe Blossom is a vegan restaurant in the West Village of NYC.  This being my 2nd vegan meal experience as a foodie, we went all out.  We started at the bar with a vegan wine (red blend (bordeaux/rhone style), the vegan vine, sonoma, california, 2009).  Here’s the thing, we didn’t have a reservation, and initially were told they were booked, but with a bit of charm we asked if we could wait and maybe someone would leave early or not show up,  After about 20 minutes at the bar, Wooohooo, we got a table.  By the way, sitting at the bar is pretty cool since you can see directly into the small kitchen.

Once seated I had the following:

  • beet carpaccio, herbed cashew ricotta, marinated figs, extra virgin olive oil,
  • balsamic drizzle
  • quinoa and squash burger, lettuce, tomato, red onion, spicy aioli
  • peach and strawberry crumble, vanilla ice cream
  • chocolate kahlua tart, date and hazelnut crust, vanilla ice cream

Yes, we had 2 desserts, but we couldn’t decide what we wanted… sue me.

The chef (Shawain Jay, @chefwhyte) and the staff at Cafe Blossom are amazing.  I look forward to trying some more of the meatless treats at Cafe Blossom