Last weekend I had one of the best cooking experiences ever. I took part in a Trinidadian Roti (Buss Up Shut) cooking classes (Trini Cooking 101). There were 3 reasons why this experience was super.

Reason #1

I was able to take part in the hands on experience from beginning to end. Each student was allowed to cook their own small batch of Roti.

Reason #2

The cooking class, taught by an awesome couple, Mr. B and Chef D, was like learning to cook with family. It was very informal, and comfortable.

Reason #3

You have the opportunity to sit down and eat the delicious fruits of your labor.

Curry Chic Peas and Potatoes, Spicy Pumpkin and Buss Up Shut

TriniSoul Cooking has several different types of cooking classes, I highly recommend that you visit their website to see when you can register to become a culinary island expert, or at least learn a few new recipes Chef D and Mr. B will have you cooking like a Trini in no time. Take a look at me cooking up my Roti. Bonus Reason #4 TriniSoul is a great place for a relaxed date FYI