I have been having some discussions with several people about blogging, and have decided to change up the structure of my entries. Beginning in May there will be themed days.

  • Monday – Meatless Mondays will consist of meatless recipes, or a review from a vegetarian experience at a restaurant.
  • Tuesday – Traveling Tuesday will focus on foods that you would encounter if traveling out of the country. I will select a focus country and every Tuesday share a recipe from that country.
  • Wednesday – Weight Loss Wednesday will focus on meals that will assist you in staying on track with healthy lifestyle goals.
  • Thursday – Thrifty Thursday will be the day that we repurpose a leftover dish, or cook on a frugal budget.
  • Friday – The weekend is here and I will share some ideas of food activities to do like food festivals, entertainment ideas and maybe a few drink ideas. Friday might serves as more of a free day where anything goes.

I hope that you will enjoy this change up, and I encourage you to comment as the days and weeks progress.

Foodie Engineer