Dream Big

Have you ever woke up one day or just began to get clarity about your life’s purpose or better yet, your passion?

Let me back up by saying this post is not really about a particular recipe, or even a particular food experience.  This post is more about ensuring that you decide early to pursue your passion.

I’ve been an engineer for 12 years working for the same company.  The work has taken me to different places in the US, taught me a ton about dealing with different personalities, and problem solving.  And it has also helped me find what I truly have passion for.  When I moved away and out of my parents house, I was forced into a kitchen that I really hadn’t had a great deal of interest in, so I thought.  Throughout high-school, I worked at a rotisserie chicken joint, and learned a ton about prepping, but at that point, I just liked making money.  But when I had to begin to cook for myself I began to try different recipes, and I began to challenge myself to improve my skills.

I say all of that to say that on my journey to grow into a big time leader within the company I have worked for, for over a decade (wow, that is a long time), I had a moment of clarity, well several moments of clarity, that I have a passion that I can not ignore, for food, and everything surrounding it.  I want to encourage those not sure of their passion to search for it, and once you find it, you have a couple choices.

Choice #1

Drop everything and follow your passion with reckless abandon… ummm that is good, and works for many, but I have never been a huge risk taker, and I think that has served me well in life thus far.

Choice #2

Study your passion, and commit to dedicating the time to make it a larger part of your life, all while ensuring that you learn everything that there is to learn, in your current career.  Move up that corporate ladder and increase your understanding of your purpose, and your lessons in your main career.  This is more my speed, while I have a total passion for food, I have a passion for challenges.  Challenging myself to climb as high as I can in my corporate career provides me a certain level of excitement.  And the stability that it provides in my life and to my lifestyle, certainly doesn’t hurt as well.

The important thing is that you recognize the signs and those clarifying moments that reveal your passion and purpose.  Its not important to make money on your passion, but it is important that you feed it in some way that allows you to acknowledge it and not turn your back on it.  There is nothing like getting so caught up with life that you turn around and regret that you didn’t dedicate the time you could have to pursue your life’s passion.

Dream Big, and Live Bigger

2 years after this original post, watch my pursuit of my passion Dream Chasing.  February will begin, then next chapter.  Stay tuned..