Every year we traditionally start the summer with a 5 mile run at the Jersey Shore.  No, not the Jersey Shore you have seen on MTV, this Jersey Shore is filled with beautiful homes, with opulence and great landscaping.  The Spring Lake 5 is an opportunity for myself and a few friends to “trot” through the neighborhood, and dream of owning vacation homes.  Part of the tradition of course involves food, since I am a participant.

One of the stops that we make is at Confections of a Rock Star.  This brilliantly branded bakery, is amazing, with music themed selections, and selections named after it surrounding community of Asbury Park, NJ.  The bakery has a great location near shopping and great food, and the cupcakes are rock star genius.  I didn’t take a picture of all four cupcakes because as you can see on suffered in transit, but hey the car was toasty and we went for beers after buying them.

The good news is that the cupcakes change frequently, the bad news is the website doesn’t reflect the changes, so call ahead if you want something specific.  But, trust me you will not go wrong, they even have Vegan selections.

One selection that is certainly not Vegan is this colossal treat, again, I didn’t catch the name, but it is sweet and salty and ooey and gooey, and you will want to rock out after a bite of this baconey goodness.

In an upcoming post I will share an awesome breakfast brunch spot that is also a stop during our Jersey Shore visit.  Until then eat well and be well. – Foodie Engineer