Day two of the Essence Festival food tour started with my leftover banana bread that I brought for my trip here.  Side note it is the best recipe I have found for moist on the inside crisp on the outside banana bread.  I am sure you can guess whose recipe might be my favorite, and what I think is the best, you guessed it Mr. Cronut™ himself Dominique Ansel, click here to get the recipe.  Ok that was a long side note, but I had to share.

I was able to grab a plate of red beans and rice with a piece of french bread for a snack.

Later, I found the Essence Festival Food Truck Experience sponsored by Coca-Cola.  One of the trucks, Whoodoo BBQ, introduced me to their “Ghetto Burger”

I know what you’re thinking, but I went out on a limb and ordered it.  The guy on the truck described it as “A big ole burger on a Po-boy bun with some special sauce”  I was sold.  It really didn’t disappoint.  The burger was formed right in front of us, and the seasoning was awesome, all the way through.  The sauce on the burger, I thought I would need to scrape it off, but I ate it all, without even getting a drop on my clothes.

Day Three’s highlight was a stop at Chef’s John Besh and Aarón Sánchez collaboration restaurant Johnny Sánchez.