I found the best Mexican restaurant in Queens and you can go there and catch a soccer game on tv or just catch up with friends and enjoy a feast of tacos.  I saw Tortilleria Nixtamal on the Food Network and I’m sure other channels, but I had to make a stop there before my flight and after I ran a short race.  Besides making and selling tortillas wholesale, this place knows how to serve up authentic Mexican tastiness.

The restaurant is situated directly in the neighborhood of Corona NY.  I wish I lived next door.

I had to start with my first authentic tamale, and it was delicious corny goodness. I chose the chipotle chicken and pork in a spicy red salsa tamale.  I also tasted the sweet corn tamale, and that was very good as well.

I ordered (from left to right – Chorizo, Pollo, Carnitas, and Skate Tacos)  The Chorizo taco has house made chorizo sausage, with beans avocado salsa and cilantro.  It had quite a kick.  The pollo (chicken) taco had crunchy carrots, onion and chili salsa with avocado salsa.  The Carnitas (slow roasted pork) was very tasty as well, but what wouldn’t be tasty cooked in lard, this taco also was topped with cilantro and onion.  And finally, I had the skate fish taco, it had a fried skate wing topped with pico de gallo.  I love the fact that although the protein is heavy on the taco, this food always has a fresh finish not some lazy jarred salsa, you can taste the care that is put into these tacos.

We had a sweet and salty treat with the fried plaintain order on the side, they were candy sweet, and topped with Cotija cheese and some sort of green salsa, I think avocado salsa.

My friend and foodie homie enjoyed the vegetarian sharings that Tortilleria Nixtimal has (from left to right –  Nopales (cactus) tacos topped with tomato, radish, onion, and melted Oaxaca cheese.  Rajas (Chilis (Grilled Pablano, Jalapeno) taco was topped with tomatillos, tomato and queso fresco, Frijoles (Refried beans) with avocado and queso fresco, and Pescado (Fish) with pico de gallo.

We finished the meal off with a deliciously moist Tres Leches cake to share.  I know its not really part of the tourist trap we call NYC, but it isn’t far.  To get to this tiny hidden gem in Corona, you need to take the E train to Jamaica Center and then hop on the Q23 bus toward East Elmhurst Ditmars Blvd via 108th St. to 108th St. 7th Ave. and walk 3 mins to the restaurant, or you can be like me and just catch an Uber (I know I’m spoiled).  But, trust me it’s worth the trip.