I decided to take on the challenge of frying chicken.  I call it a challenge because I have always worried about burnt on the outside and raw on the inside fried chicken.  But when I didn’t win the Rachael Ray Tuition Competition this past May, and the winner cooked fried chicken that Chef Pepín truly enjoyed, I knew either I was doing some research and facing my fears, or I was asking Rachel Green the winner of the competition to teach me.  I decided to see if I could do it on my own first.  I watched several videos and talked to people more experienced with frying and came up with the following process.

I started with a good mixture of buttermilk and hot sauce.

Once the chicken was removed from the buttermilk I seasoned the chicken with salt, onion powder, garlic powder and chipotle pepper.  I seasoned the flour with the same seasonings as the chicken and coated the chicken pieces in the seasoned flour…TWICE, super crispy.

The vegetable oil temperature was heated to 350 deg.

I dropped the pieces of chicken in the oil and let them cook until golden brown, about 10 minutes.

I have fried chicken a couple of times now, and my family enjoyed it.  I even fried some for my guy and his friend said “this chicken doesn’t even need hot sauce, it is perfect”.  I gotta say, this chicken is so good, but I have other plans to elevate the flavor even more, and add a bit more spice and sweet.  Stay tuned.