I was looking for an easy delicious pork chop recipe that wasn’t the typical pork and apples, and remembered I am in Georgia, land of peaches. I stumbled upon this recipe on the Serious Eats site

Brown pork chops on one side 4-6 minutes

Flip and cook thoroughly 

Allow the pork chops to rest while the peach topping is prepared.

Add freshly sliced peaches to the pan that was used to cook the pork chops,

Season the peaches with sugar salt and red pepper flakes.

To plate, add fresh baby spinach leaves to the plate, and top with a pork chop and the sliced peaches,

Use fresh basil and thinly chop the leaves to top the pork chops

Enjoy, I shared this dish with my coworkers at work, and they had great feedback about the freshness of the dish.  They were a bit suspicious about the peaches being paired with the pork chops, but it was a hit after one bite.