A few months back I received a very generous sampling from a rice company that I had not ever heard of.  Now full disclosure, I don’t eat a great deal of rice, as I am working on eating healthy, but I do enjoy a fluffy serving of rice every once in a while.  The packages of rice are easy to stack in the panty, and hold two portions each.  I figured as I try the different varieties I will post and share my thoughts with you guys.
Veetee Rice can be found in your local grocery stores, click here and you can find all of the grocery stores that carry the various seasoned varieties.

Because I was on a serious health kick when the rice first arrived at my front door, I tried the Whole Grain Brown Rice & Quinoa.  The instructions say to peel back the plastic seal half way and pop the rice in the oven for 2 minutes.  Once the rice is hot, the instructions tell you to fluff it a bit with a fork.  I paired the rice with some yummy fish and quick steamed baby spinach.

The outcome was a yummy fluffy healthy serving of rice that was perfectly cooked.  If I had one complaint it would be that the film that you have to peel back is super sealed, and difficult to pull back, but I’d rather that happen to guarantee the air tight seal.  I am not the best rice cooker, so this will be my little secret going forward.

Last week I tried the Chicken Flavor Rice.  I took my home made jerk chicken, and a package of the rice to work.  It worked out perfectly, so that I had a full meal with the chicken and rice.  Check the close up of the rice and the seasonings in it.

Next up, I am going to try a recipe that the Veetee team has shared on their website.  IF you pick up some Veetee rice at your local grocery store, let me know what you think.

FYI, I just made a quick run to the store, and guess what was right next to the quinoa?