I know I have written about this recipe before, but I think it is the season to share it, and it is just so comforting, that you will never get tired of it as a fall or winter meal.  Chef Anne Burrell had it all right with this recipe, and so I have added vegetables that I enjoy and also to stretch the meal to allow it to feed more people.  I have found that she has provided the true basics to get a successful pot roast, and you can add or subtract to change the flavors slightly.  I decided to add more vegetables like rutabaga, and didn’t have jerusalem artichokes, so I omitted them… no biggie.

Brown the beef

Prep the mir a pois

Remove the beef from the pan once browned on all sides

 Sauté the mir a pois and spices in the pan that the meat was seared in

add the tomato paste, herbs, and orange peel

Add broth and or water and wine (if you would like) and cook in the oven covered

Add butternut squash, rutabaga, sweet potatoes, or any similar vegetables, throw a few dried currants or raisins in.

Cook until the meat is falling apart, and cook for the last 30 minutes with the lid removed to allow the broth to thicken

Rather than pair this recipe with mashed potatoes, consider adding more vegetables with cauliflower mash.