For years I have been wanting to attempt to make a gumbo, but not a boxed gumbo, or a canned gumbo, I’m talking authentic, from scratch gumbo. I have always been intimidated by the many layers of flavor that all of the ingredients brought. Having visited New Orleans and tasted the real deal several times on my annual trips, I kept putting it further and further down on my list of things to attempt. I started several months ago, looking for different recipes and what seemed to me to be the most authentic. What I came upon was a whole lot of short cuts. I did not want short cuts I wanted the real deal with the real flavors, I mean short of cracking open crabs and making my own sausage. The recipe I decided to use was from one of my favorite publications Take a look at how I made a slamming gumbo without becoming overwhelmed: Day 1 Remove the shells, clean the shrimp and prepare the mis en place.

Day 2 Make the shrimp stock

Day 3 Make the Roux and complete the gumbo with all of the vegetables and meat (okra, chicken, shrimp, andouille sausage, and crab meat)

When I tell you this takes some time and patience…whew

But eventually, you get to where the roux needs to be, DO NOT shortcut this, and don’t walk away either

When the roux is just

right add your holy trinity (bell peppers, onions, and celery)

Add your shrimp stock and okra (believe it or not, the okra was not very slimy in the gumbo)

Add the shrimp and the chicken

Add the andouille sausage

Add the chicken, and finally the lump crab

Get all of the ingredients mixed and then add the filé powder to thicken at the end.

I enjoyed the gumbo over Veetee rice, because I know where my shortcuts belong, and that is in cooking rice

Would you like to see my first bite?