I was so excited to check out Chef April Bloomfield’s new endeavor Salvation Burger.  I think I dined at the bar after the  eatery was only open for a week or two, which was really exciting.  I knew I wanted to try the Salvation Burger.  It was one of the most moist and flavorful burgers that I have ever had, but it was so simply dressed.  Ketchup was no where near my burger.  The burger is dressed with caramelized onions, that seem like they have been cooking for hours to become so tender and sweet, and the Taleggio cheese acted like another saucy element.  The burger was not the largest burger I have ever seen, but it was so rich and filling.  The meat is butchered and dry aged in house and it has the perfect amount of fat to ensure that it is juicy.

Don’t get me wrong I started this meal on a light note.  I started with a salad of beets with tarragon dressing a tasty cheese, that tasted like a cross between pecorino romano and blue cheese, look at me, a cheese pro I am not, the menu called it a “smoky blue”, and finally the salad was sprinkled with walnuts.  I will be getting Chef April Bloomfield’s cookbook, A Girl and Her Greens, as my next book purchase.  I knew she was a vegetable genius, but this salad confirmed it for me.  Again, it was so simple, but the textures and the flavors that she put on the plate, were amazing.

I washed all of that down with one of the boozy shakes.  I am not sure what type of alcohol was used, but I am guessing it was crème de menthe, because it was described as grasshopper mint and chocolate cookie.  The shakes are well made with plenty of crunch and definitely requires the large straw that comes with the glass.

I will be returning to Salvation Burger, but next time I will try the fish sandwich and the fried apple pie that was sold out.  I love a good apple dessert, as soon as they said they were all served for the day, I knew I would be back, this way I can have another beet salad.  Oh and I will be sitting at the counter to watch the chefs in the open kitchen.