Have you ever combined 2 things that you love to eat, and decided it elevated those 2 items 10 times more than you ever expected?  I catered a baby shower and wanted to include a dessert that ended the baby shower with a bang.
Caramel Apple Cheesecake Large
When I tell you this recipe is a crowd pleaser, there was not an empty plate returned.  I will warn you that there are several components to this dessert.  There are even chopped apples in the blondie crust, yes I said it, blondie crust.  Not only do you have apples in the crust, but there is caramel in the cheesecake in the filling, and cool whip to make it lighter.
Caramel Apple Cheesecake
The cheesecake would be delicious if left alone with just the blondie crust and the filling.  But, when you top the cheesecake with flavorful cooked apples and more caramel, you can see why it is a winner.
Sliced Carmel Apple Cheesecake
I found this recipe that combines the flavors of apple pie, cheesecake and a blondie on a site called Baking Beauty.  I can not wait to try more recipes from this site.  So to all of my family members that have been asking about this recipe, its no secret.  Pay a visit to Baking Beauty is where you can find this awesome recipe