There is nothing like completions and achievement.  I have successfully completed the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse again.  I decided not to make it about the scale, and completely about jump starting back into my healthy eating focus.  When I say healthy eating, I mean that I will be focusing on making sure that I eat a more balanced meal going forward.  Each meal will have a protein, and a vegetable or a healthy carb.

Day 9 of the Healthy Detox Smoothie Recipes included spinach, water, apple, frozen mangoes, frozen strawberries, stevia and flax meal.  Around this time is when I start contemplating stopping short.  I mean, why not, I was already winning after 8 days.  But, I stuck it out to reach my goal of completion.

Day 10 of the healthy Detox Smoothie Recipes included kale, spring mix, water, frozen peaches, pineapple, stevia, and flax.  Now the goal is to ease into regular balanced meals gently, to avoid upsetting your whole entire world… If you know what I mean.

Let me know if you try the cleanse, and keep me posted on your progress.  Feel free to leave a comment.