After some indulgence, I mean seriously just eating without much thought, it is time to reel it in.  I know that some of you can relate.  You start celebrating wins, and eating through losses, and the next thing you know you are at the store buying new pants… come on, I know I am not the only one.

I first thought about it a few weeks back, but now I am committed, and I wanted to make sure that I share my progress of eating well, and focusing on my health.


Working a 9-5 job will require a great deal of planning, so I started by ordering meal preparation containers, because you know that if you stay ready you won’t have to get ready.

The fun began next, I started looking all over Pinterest and Instagram for simple tasty ideas.

Not having an accountability partner, or workout buddy, ensuring that I stay on track is difficult and this is why I figured I will use the blog to keep me accountable.  So share this post with anyone you know, because it will help me with accountability.

  • Friday – finalize the weeks menu (post the shopping list and recipes)
  • Saturday – shop and cook (post the recipes and results)
  • Sunday morning – weigh in and photos (Yup, full transparency)

One of the things that keeps me from eating right is thinking that crappy food tastes better, but I am going to challenge myself and others to show healthy meal planning recipes that are really tasty and healthy.  Now if leftovers are not your friend, meal prep is likely not going to be for you.  The goal will be to make about 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and separate them in 5 portions for each.  However, the goal will be to eat at least 5 times a day, which means I need to fill the gaps with healthy snack ideas.  I will not be counting calories, but I will be including protein, and healthy carbs with every meal and snack.  Oh and on the lazy days which do come, I will be making protein shakes, vs driving to the fast food spot by my house, you know the one that has the nerve to tell you “see you tomorrow”, I hate that, only because they have been right often.

The goal is to get back to my fighting figure, and focus on getting my body fat% down, I will be sharing my body fat percentage progress as the weeks go.

For those not interested in the healthy meal planning, I will still be cooking other things, I just won’t be indulging…no for real…I promise, I was a girl scout (girl scout promise).

As far as the fitness portion goes, I will share my fitness goals for the week focusing on 6 days a week of some sort of fitness activity.
If you care to tag along with me on this journey and get better with me, I encourage you to take this time to get your meal prep containers, and some good sneakers.  I will be starting the focused meal prep very soon, and I can not wait to feel more like myself once I get a few weeks under my belt… a smaller belt.

I’ll be back to my fit focus