This week starts one of the most exciting chapters of my life.  I will warn you that many of my future blog posts will be about, my journey of pursuing this dream of attending the Institute of culinary education, or what I made, or had to endure in culinary school.  I am so excited, anxious, and nervous about what is to come, however, I know that it will be fulfilling and satisfying thru the journey and beyond.

Getting Ready

As Fraulein Maria said, “let’s start at the very beginning”.  After an amazing vacation with my family in Trinidad, I came back kissed by the sun and ready to begin this culinary “trip”.  The weekend prior to school starting, my good friend from college, came to visit from Las Vegas.  My sister, my friend and I woke up early to head to the city to visit the school and get fitted for my uniform, pick up my very first iPad, and get my “tools”, I put that in quotes because I had no idea what that meant, I thought it was knives…nope.  I’ll get to that in a minute.  I walked thru the hallways GEEKED, sneaking selfies, and imagining walking thru wearing my uniform, while the girls were either illegally parked, or driving around in my car until I was done.  After signing some more papers, and trying on a chefs coats for size, I was directed to start an “Amazing Race” like trek thru the city to pick up my “tools” and uniform.  So, next stop, tool kit pick up.  We drove to the location of the kitchen and restaurant supply store.  When I got to the 11th floor to enter this store, the elevator doors open and it was a legit store with everything that you could think you need.

The store is called JB Prince and the gentleman that put my toolkit together loaded up this bag that reminded me of Mary Poppins (What?  I like Julie Andrews, sue me) carpenter bag, there had to be over 30 tools in the bag.  I hopped back in the car with the girls and we began our tour of the city for the west coast visitor.

NYC Quick Food Tour

Without much time we were able to visit a few great spots across the city.  We had to stop by Levain BakeryDoughnut PlantGotham Comedy Club, for drinks and jokes, and The Halal Guys for after the drinks and jokes, before we headed back to Jersey, but not before we did the obligatory drive thru Time Square at night and picked up NYC souvenirs for her little ones at home.

Uniform Pickup Day

After my friend went back to Vegas, my sister remained for a few more hours.  With a flight on the other side of the city, we make a very quick trip to the uniform store OK Uniform.  While she is illegally parked I try on pants, hideous but comfortable shoes, and ensure I have all aprons, hats, and pants.  The woman in the store was the sweetest.  She had great gentle tips of making sure that your shoes are comfortable and, to make sure that the pants are comfortable, and are the correct size.  Of course I did all of that except the right size part so, with my bootylicousness, I walked out with a medium size pair of pants in packaging labeled large.  Whatever, I’ll get that worked out.  The better prat of this story is the sincerity of this sweet woman.  As she bagged my uniform, she spoke wisdom and inspiration in me, saying “Everyone will always need food, embrace this experience, you can do anything, good luck, and I wish you the best, go out there the sky is the limit”.  I practically skipped out of the store.

She Ready

For those unfamiliar with the comedian Tiffany Haddish, She Ready is a phrase she coined, and I felt it appropriate for my excitement as I start this next chapter.  I have my tools and iPad, I have my uniform, and I have my ugly comfortable shoes.  Knives come on the first day of school, so…She Ready!!!!  The next post, I will share the first day as I woke up and got ready until the end of the weekend when I laid in my bed with my sore feet, ah well no pain no gain, better yet no pain no joy.  Institute of Culinary Education, Here I Come