After much agony, I completed the 5 page paper about 2 dry heat methods and the fats that can be used for them.  I didn’t think I had 5 pages in me to write about frying and sautéing, but I pulled it off.  My first research paper since before 2002.  Also, we had an exam for the dry heat methods and there were 5 questions that asked the process to make things like french fries and pan-fried cutlets, but I think I did well.  This week we finished up our grilling lessons, and moved into the slower cooking like stewing and braising.  This week 8 We Slow it Down with a Braise

Grilling and Chilling

We ended the grilling lessons with a bang.  I don’t know what it is but I can really cook a deliciously moist pork chop, I need to work on my red meat cooking skills though.  The pork chop was accompanied with a poblano and cactus salad, and a grilled lamb loin chop.

These lamb loin chops are grilled and then topped with an herbaceous mojo sauce that was delicious.


We started the roasting lesson with a rack of lamb, once the rack was fabricated and trimmed and seasoned, we browned the meat in a pan.

After the meat was browned and cooled a bit, we coated it with dijon mustard.  I think I would have preferred less mustard, but, well we were working in teams.

A blend of breadcrumbs, an entire head of roasted garlic,parsley, thyme and olive oil is put on the outside of the breadcrumbs

These were so good, and tender.  We roasted fingerling potatoes that were tossed in garlic and olive oil, I forgot to toss it in butter after the potatoes roasted, I know, can you imagine?

Flaming oyster mushrooms with Madeira, truffle butter, and later heavy cream, for a roasted veal tenderloin

Did you know Poussin is a very fancy sounding word for baby chicken?  They are smaller than a Cornish hen.  We roasted these little birds and made a pan sauce, it was tasty, but, so tiny. Oh and we put truffle butter under the skin.  We made a sauce that had bone marrow poached in it….DIVINE.

Slow it Down With a Braise

Braising the lamb shanks in mirepoix (carrots, celery and onions) and rosemary.

But the finished product is picture perfect.

Braised chicken thighs with mushrooms sauce was so tasty, can you tell we had great food for the week after this weekend.

This fish was so delicious.  We braised monkfish in a Moroccan Charmoula marinade. It was spicy and delicious.  I will be sharing that recipe in the future as well.  I would put it over rice when I cook it again.

We braised vegetables as well, leeks in chicken stock and butter, and purple cabbage with apples, bacon, currant jelly, and red wine vinegar

Next week we get to do more braising, and then stewing.  The first lessons we never had anything to eat, now I come home with feasts.  If you live near me, lets break bread, shall we?