This week, something is stewing, and we finished our braising lesson. The difference between the 2 is not super significant, but in a nut shell, stewing has small pieces of protein, and braising requires less liquid.

Braising Lesson

We braised lamb shanks initially. But this week we braised fish and a few more classics.
Simple basic steps for braising fish:

  1. Rub a marinade on the scored fish, we used garlic, lime juice, ground clove, and oil.
  2. Sweat aromatics like onion and garlic
  3. Add braising liquid and other vegetables to add to the flavor of your finished product. We added green olives, bay leaves, tomatoes, and capers, with fish stock. Bring that to a simmer and season.
  4. The fish was placed in the liquid and topped with the marinade, and cover and cook in the oven until fish is done
  5. We removed the bones and served the braised fish.

We braised the ultimate piece of meat, Osso Bucco, which is veal shank. Not shown was the braised beef cheeks, so good.

Stewing Lesson

We stewed many things including vegetables with Ratatouille.

We cooked a Chicken Tagine with Couscous

We cooked the classic, Coq au Vin (chicken in red wine). Don’t ask me why we decided to plate half a chicken breast. #groupwork

I made Blanquette of Veal, which doesn’t require the initial browning of the meat, hence the term blanquette.


We started the stewing lesson, and I made clams, I have never been a super fan of clams, but these were so good.  And the cheesy toasts were so tasty, we couldn’t stop eating the toast.  A compound butter of parmesan cheese and Old Bay is definitely going to be repeated

The mussels were cooked similarly to the clams, and they were so delicous, and super easy.  You basically make a flavorful broth and steam the shelled fish in it until they open up.

We steamed salmon en papillote, in paper.

The Dreaded Tourné

Knife skills have always been important, but I have been dreading this portion of the skills lesson.  This week we learned how to tourné.  The tourné is the 7 sided football shape, and it is super fancy, and hand crippling to say the least, but I will not let it defeat me.

Chef gave us the good news that we would have to write another 5 page paper.  The funny part is nearly half of the people I talk to about the homework decided at the beginning of school that they wouldn’t be doing the homework, as for me, my pride won’t allow it, so every day this week I have been writing this paper.  Oh and the bonus, we have another exam this coming weekend when we hand in the paper.  So I am currently falling asleep while typing this post.  I can say that although, I am enjoying every bit of it, this journey is certainly exhausting.  My next post I will share more of my thoughts so far and the next decisions that will need to be made.