We spent a few weeks cooking Italian Cuisine.  Pasta, and heavy meals for days.

Hand made pasta with fresh pesto, so simple, but so delicious.

Fluffy gnocchi was so good, that will be a game changer for a dinner party

This was squid with a shrimp stuffing, another entertaining option for the adventurous eaters

Polenta with sausage

Though this is not as photogenic, it was one of the best dishes we had.  Polenta topped with a flavorful sausage blend.

These were fried potato cheese yummies, I think they are good for anytime of day.

White fish wrapped in prosciutto.

The Feast of Italy

And of course cooking Italian cuisine would not have been complete without a tasty pizza with a simple sauce.

I realize it has been a few weeks since my last post, my next post will share a bit of what I have been experiencing.  Nonetheless, I am still going strong, and am getting great grades through my culinary school experience.  I’ll share with you what I learned about plating, and what is next as culinary school comes to a close in the coming months.