Recently I logged into my Instagram page and to my surprise, there was an invitation to tell my story on a podcast.

Podcasts That Inspire

On my commute to work, and really anywhere in the car or in a plane I listen to podcasts. Some of the podcasts are about leadership, some are about health, but most are about chefs telling their stories. Everyone wants to learn about their dreams and passion, but I think I also listen to find stories that are similar to mine.  What I have found in all of the podcasts I listen to is that there are always the stories of chefs starting in the kitchen in their early twenties, or similarly going to culinary school after high school and sometimes right after finishing college. I don’t hear many stories that are similar to mine. The stories of someone finding their passion later and working to transition into food and hospitality industries.

One particular podcast that I listen to and admire is a talented journalist who, while interviewing accomplished chefs, peels back the layers of their stories and probes with deeper questions.  His questions are deeper than, “what was it like being on The Food Network, or what was it like competing on Top Chef?”.  I rarely review and rate the podcasts that I listen to, but one day I was compelled to leave a review for a podcast.  I shared a bit about how I listen and why I enjoy every episode. Andrew Friedman’s podcast on the Heritage Radio Network titled Andrew Talks to Chefs is this thoughtful Podcast.

My Top Podcasts

Hello Foodie Engineer

Months after sending my review of his podcast, I received a request for an interview with a culinary student. I was both flattered and terrified, but I thought of it as an opportunity to tell the story that doesn’t get shared often (career changers), and since I’m living a life of no regrets these days, a life of “oh wells” versus “what ifs” (thank you Luvvie Ajai she mentioned this on a recent episode of her and Yvonne Orji‘s podcast Jesus and Jollof). I met Andrew at ICE where he set up his microphones in a classroom and we had an awesome discussion about pursuing your passion, and my path in doing just that.

Podcast is Up

I encourage anyone that is unsure about what they have been doing day to day. If you have that tug that won’t go away because you have a passion to do something else, or if you want to hear me tell my story, please listen to this episode of Andrew Talks to Chefs. Something tells me you might listen to more episodes if you are intrigued with this industry like I am. The interview after me on this podcast was really good as well, with another career switcher (Patty Nusser) that was in computer science and transitioned to restaurant life, and now is working as a private chef (super inspiring for me).

Thank You Andrew

I want to thank Andrew Friedman, and reiterate how grateful I am that he reached out to me, for the opportunity to share my story, and to meet him, a true journalist (Author of Chefs Drugs and Rock & Roll: How Food Lovers, Free Spirits, Misfits and Wanderers Created a New American Profession).

Finally, thank you Andrew, for the kind things that you said about me in the intro to the show, it truly made me smile.